Class 300
1942 Chevrolet-Darley 4x2
1942 Chevrolet-Darley 4x4
1941 Ford-Darley 4x2
Class 325
The Class 325 was designed for all around fire protection in isolated areas with little or no water
supply.  It was the most widely used fire truck in theater of operations and thousands were built.  It
was built on the Dodge, Chevrolet and Ford 1 1/2 ton 4x2 and the Chevrolet 4x4 chassis.  Bodies
were manufactured by most of the major fire apparatus manufactures.  The truck was equipped
with a front mounted 300 gpm pump and a 300 gal. water tank.  Duel hose reels, each carrying
150 ft. of 1 in. hose were mounted below the platform type body. The Class 325 was used to
combat structural and brush fires at stateside and overseas areas and could be used in lieu of the
Class 300 as needed.
1942 Chevrolet-Maxim 4x4

1942 Ford-Maxim 4x2
1942 Ford-Hahn 4x2
Class 335
The Class 300 fire truck was supplied primarily to Army Camps that might be
subject to forest or brush fires.  It was built on the Chevrolet and Ford 4x2
chassis and the Chevrolet 4x4 chassis.  The bodies were manufactured by
Darley, Central and American Fire apparatus.  The truck was equipped with a
300 gpm front mounted centrifugal pump and carried a 250 gal water tank.  
Duel hose lines each carrying 150 ft of 1 in hose were mounted atop the
hose body.  The unit was equipped with standard brush firefighting tools and
the hose body could carry 1000 ft of 1 1/2 in hose.
The Class 335 had it's beginnings in 1943 when a hybrid fire truck was created by the members of
the 1208th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon in Algiers, North Africa.  An 800 gallon water tank was
mounted on the standard GM CCKW 2 1/2 ton cargo truck and the pump, piping, tools, hose and
other fire fighting equipment from a Class 325 was added and proved quite successful.

The Corps of Engineers adapted this idea and contracted with General Fire Truck Corp, a division
of  General Detroit in March 1945 to build 50 conversion kits to modify other CCKWs into fire fighting
vehicles, this kit became the Class 335.  This kit conversion was especially designed to convert the
standard 2 1/2 ton, 6x6 into a satisfactory piece of fire fighting equipment.  The truck body was
constructed of steel and included a 640 gallon water tank, together with supports, wood slat hose
bed, tool compartment, running boards, a portion of the hooks and brackets for mounting tools and
all bolts, nuts, washers and screws needed for mounting the body on the chassis.  Included in the kit
was the rear step assembly and frame extension for mounting a 300 gpm centrifugal fire pump on the
front end of the chassis.  The conversion kit was intended for installation in the field and all fire
fighting equipment would be removed from a Class 325 and used to equip the converted vehicle.  
These vehicles retained their original Army serial numbers as seen in the following pictures.   
Class 335 General Detroit on a 1945 GM CCKW
Pusan Korea, 1950, 546th Engineer Fire
Fighting Company, USA 4916086
Fine example of the Class 335 pictured during its
service with the US Air Force.  Upgraded with front
mounted preconnect attack lines the conversion kit was
mounted on a 1945 CCKW chassis, USA 4684606
TM view of the Class 335 mounted on CCKW  
USA 60109665
US Army Engineer History Office
1942 Dodge-American Fire Apparatus USA 503185
Camp Myles Standish, Mass.
Class 335 at Fort Lewis 1945