Class 500
The Class 500 fire truck was the most commonly used fire engine at Army
installations.  The trucks were built on chassis and bodies that were constructed
by most of the major truck and fire equipment builders.  It was equipped with a
midship mounted 500 gpm. centrifugal or rotary gear pump.  The water tank held
150 gals and 150 ft. of 1 in. hose was carried on a reel or in a basket mounted
atop the hose body.  The hose body held 1000 ft. of 2 1/2 in. hose.  The Class
500 was used for combating structural fires at post, camps and stations.
1942 GMC-Darley USA 501580
1943 Dodge-Pirsch USA 505286
1942 Chevrolet-Maxim USA 501719
1942 Ford-Caysler
1941 Mack USA 50601
1943 Intern-Seagrave Class 500
1940 Ford-Seagrave USA 50643
H. Smith Photo
1941 Ford-Maxim USA 50771
1941 Ford- Darley USA 50674
1941 Ford-Ward LaFrance  W-50772
1941 Ford-Ward LaFrance USA  W-50857
1942 Ford-Cayasler
Class 510
The Class 510 fire truck were vehicles that were modernized and rebuilt from obsolete or damaged trucks
sent in from the field to the Motor Transport Shop at Camp Holabird. Example of a Class 510 below,  rig
carried War Department registration number W-50364 and was placed back in service on 5 October 1940.
Class 525
The Class 525 fire truck was built on the Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford 4x2 and Chevrolet 4x4
chassis.  Bodies was manufactured by Boyer, Oren, Hahn, Buffalo, Ben-Hur and Darley  It was
equipped with a 500 gpm front mounted pump.  The water tank held 150 gals and 150 ft. of 1 in.
booster hose was mounted on a reel at the rear of the hose body.  The truck carried 1000 ft. of 2
1/2 in, hose.  It was equipped with standard fire fighting tools and was used for combating structure
fires at post, camps and stations.
1943 Ford 4x2-Buffalo USA 506957
1943 Chevrolet 4x4-Unknown
1942 GMC-General Detroit Class 500  USA 501877
Rig served at the Hampton Roads POE
Sent in by our friend Jean-Michel Boniface
Camp Myles Standish, Mass, 1942 Ford-Ben Hur
Manufacturing Co. Class 525