Robert van 't Oost lives in Belgium is restoring this beautiful 1943 Chev-General Detroit
Class 325.  Rig carried USA # 508662  Thanks for sending the photos along Robert.
1941 Ford-Howe Class 500, USA 501020.  Rig served at Camp Langdon, NH
This great looking truck is owned by fellow researcher and friend Jason Cleary
1941 Ford-Darley, Class 500, USA 50954
Left view shows rig as offered on ebay and right shows rig in service at Camp Crowder, MO in 1942
Thanks to Bob for the use of his ebay photo.  Matt Heffernan of Denver, CO is now the proud owner of this rig.
1943 Chev-Maxim Class 500 USA 502864 owned
by the Clinton, MA Fire Department.  Rig carries
Maxim serial # 116.  Army records have this truck
serving at Camp Ashby, VA
Thanks to Richard Chalmers for the info & photo.
Robert van't Oost have completed restoration of his Class 325.  For the occasion Jim Davis, a member of the 1204th Engineer
Fire Fighting Platoon during WWII traveled to Belgium to view the truck.  For Jim's service to his country during the war, Robert
dedicated the truck in Jim's honor.  Our thanks to Robert for the restoration and dedication.  Thanks also to our friend Thorsten in
Germany and Robert for the pictures.
Jacob Rietveld from Belgium has completed restoration of this 1942 American LaFrance Class 750, USA 502310.  Looking beautiful in
her OD uniform, this truck orginally was assigned to the Cornhusher Ordnance Depot in Nebraska.
Our thanks go out to Jacob and his crew for the great restoration.  Rig is owned by Jolanda Priem.
Clyde Heun from Shreveport, LA sent along these updated pictures of his 1942 Seagrave, Model 80E Class 750 former US Army pumper.  The truck carries
Seagrave Reg # B-4237 and was Army USA 502050.   Rig served at Camp Hale, CO.  Our thanks to Clyde for the pictures and the Seagrave information.
Al Diehl of NY sent in these photos of his 1941 USA Holabird, Class 750.  The rig carried USA Reg. 50376 but we have not be able to
locate where the rig served.
Paul Dewsnup owns this 1941 Seagrave Model 81-750 that once served with the US Army.  The rig carried USA Reg. 50586 and Seagrave
Reg. A7574.  Built under a 1940 Quartermaster Corps contact the truck was delivered to the Army 15 Jan 41.  We have not been able to locate  
where this Class 750 served while on Amy service.
Thanks to Paul for contacting us and sending in the pictures and information.
With her OD colors appearing under a coat of red paint this 1942 American LaFrance Class 750 in currently under going restoration in Utah.
The truck carries USA 502351, AmLaFr registration L-1823 and served with the US Army at the Tooele Ordnance Depot, Warner, UT
Fort Bragg Fire Department 1951
Bob Brown from Maryland owns this 1943 Chev-Ripley Harppinger
Class 500.  The truck is a Ripley Model 103, serial # 18.
USA 502834 served at Camp Detrick in Maryland
1943 Chev-Ripley Harppinger Class 500 USA 502821
Truck served at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
1943 Chev-Hahn Class 135 USA 507406
in service with the Frence Air Force,
Morroco, 1947
Unknown CO2 unit serving with the
Frence Air Force, Morroco, 1947
Truck appears to be a modified Class 500
Photos sent in by our friend Jean-Michel Boniface
1941 Ford-Darley Class 500 USA 50884
Lexington Signal Depot, KY
Greg Stapleton collection
1946 Mack Class 750 USA 5011067
Lexington Blue Grass Army Terminal, KY
Greg Stapleton Collection
Fire Chief William A. Fraser
In 1940, William A. Fraser, center, first row, a retired FDNY Lietenant
became the first civilian Fire Chief at Fort Jay, Governors Island, NY.
Our thanks to Bill Fraser for sending along the photos of his dad.
1946 Mack Class 750 USA 5010982
Fort Jay, NY
Jack Calderone Collection
Fire Chief and Historian Jason Cleary
at the wheel of his 41 Ford-Howe
Former Army Class 300 Chev-Darley
from Hammond Army Airfield
American LaFrance Class 750  and  
Ward LaFrance Class 750.
Ward served at Camp McClain, LA.
1941 Ford-Darley Class 500 pictured at the "Mighty Eigth" Museum, Savannah, GA
Rig served at Hunter AAF, Travis AFB and the Hope VFD.
Greg Stapleton Photo
DennIs Magg found this former Army, 1943
International-Seagrave Class 500 at the
Lucedale, MS, FD.  Seagrave Reg. B 6909
1943 GMC-Minnesota Fire Apparatus Class 500 USA 502806
Owned by Mark and Kelly Jones
1944 Chev-Maxim Class 325
6 Mile Army Camp, Fairbanks, Alaska