Fire Trucks At War
Korean War
US Army Firefighters and their Fire
Fire Fighting Units
The story of the Army Fire Fighter during the Korean War is another untold chapter in the history of the
military fire service.  Prior to the war, which began in June 1950, the 7th Inf Division was deployed in
Korea and Army firefighters from that unit were already on the job.  Several photos on this page shown
them and their apparatus from the late forties.  With the onset of war, the Army, which had downsized
since WWII, was forced to activate Army reserve units to fill it's manpower and logistical needs.  Many
of the Army's fire fighting units were within these reserve units, several of which had their roots in WWII
Engineer Firefighting Platoons.  We have been able to identify the following fire fighting units as having
served in Korea during the war.  As our research continues, we may find others.  
81st Engineer Fire Fighting Detachment
83rd Engineer Fire Fighting Detachment
84th Engineer Fire Fighting Detachment
85th Engineer Fire Fighting Detachment
86th Engineer Fire Fighting Detachment
87th Engineer Fire Fighting Detachment
91st Engineer Fire Fighting Detachment
467th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon
525th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon
546 Engineer Fire Fighting Company
3001st Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon
During WWII the 85th was the 3105th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon and the 467th, the 2046th
Aviation Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon.
We would like to hear from those that served as Army firefighters during this conflict.  Photos of Army
firefighters, stations and apparatus from this era are needed to keep their history alive on our site
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546th EFFC respond with their rigs,
Pusan  Dec 1950
US Army rigs at Camp Sobingo, Seoul
April 1948
7th Inf Div Fire Station 2,  Seoul
April 1948
Closeup of Jeep-Howe fire truck
Seoul City Fire Hdqts
Sept 1953
Class 530 pumper, main fire truck
used by the Army during the war
Seoul City Fire Hdqts
Sept 1953
Fire Headquarters for the Seoul
City Command
Sept 1953
American military and Korean
firefighters at Camp Seoul
April 1948
Seoul Area Command fire apparatus
March 1955
Many of the US Army fire trucks
were turned over to the Korean
Army,  Pusan  Aug 56
From Dragon Base, Korea,  Army jeep outfitted to carry litters and fire
extinguishers.  March 1953
8th Army Fire fighting school
Seoul Aug 1952
Fire Prevention Parade
546th EFFC
Pusan Oct 1953
Members of the 546th EFFC and
Korean firefighters operate handline
Pusan  Jan 1954
40's era GM CCKW 2 1/2
Water Tanker
US Army firefighters train
Korean firefighters on the
Class 530
The following pictures were submitted by our friend Harry Zlotowski.
Harry served as a military firefighter in Korea in the 1960s and is a retired
Division Chief from the Anne Arundel County Fire Dept
Inchon Fire Station 1
Jeep used by the Inchon Fire Chief
Inchon Crash Station
Here is a rig we had trouble identifying.    The Class 530 was built on the GM CCKW chassis and the 530A on the M-44
Chassis.  This rig is built on the M-135 chassis and carries USA number 41194547.  We think that this may be a Class 530
body that has been mated to the newer chassis.  Many times during WWII when the Class 335 was constructed on the
CCKW chassis the truck retained the original USA number for the truck.  Perhaps that is the case here.
1940s era GM CCKW 2 1/2 ton 6x6 chassis with Central body.
500 gpm pump-640 gals of water
Seoul Military Post Fire Station #4
Class 530
Charles Staebler served as an firefighting instructor at the Engineer Specialist School in Seoul, Korea and sent in the above photos.
We thank Charles for the photos and his service to our country.
Charles with a 1951 Reo-Dakota, Class 530A
USA 509785
Charles pictured with a WWII era GM CCKW with a fire
body produced by the Howe Fire Apparatus  Company
US Army Class 530  USA 509453
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PFC Roger Reed served with the 8th Army, 2nd Division in Korea.  He was then sent to Japan where he received fire fighting training and returned to
Pusan, Korea where he was assigned to the 8075th Engineer Fire Fighting Company.  PFC Reed photographed the above images during his time with
the 8075th.  Roger's son, Shawn sent along the photos and we are proud to add them to our website.  PFC Reed will be scanning additional photos for
us in the future.  We thank PFC Reed for his service to our country and domumenting, in pictures his fire fighting service with the US Army
Main Fire Station
Pusan, Korea
PFC Roger Reed
8075th FFC Water Tankers
USMC Firefighters and crash trucks battle a blaze on a downed Panther jet at Pohang Airfield, Korea, 1952
Jeep operated by Korean Firefighters at Pohang, Korea, 1952
Bombed out fire station at Pohang, Korea, 1952
I would like to THANK our friend and fellow researcher Jason Cleary for sending in the above photos.
The photos were taken by Jason's father-in-law, Richard Forster, during his service in Korea, 1951-1953
BUH-3 Forster served with CBMU-1 Seebees, USNR.  Our Thanks to Mr Forster for his service to our country.
U.S. Army Class 530, GM CCKW-Central Fire Truck, 500/400,
USA 509428,
Pusan, Korea, 1952
Photo by Kenneth Lhre via Doug Price.