Class 1000
The Class 1000 Fire Fighting Trailer was equipped with a 500 gpm
centrifugal pump which was powered by a 90-110 hp gasoline
engine.  The pump did not have a relief valve, requiring the operator
to meet the changing fire fighting requirements.  It carried 2 suction
tubes and the hose bed could carry 700 ft of 2 1/2 and 300 ft of 1
1/2 in hose.  The rig was not equipped with a water tank.  The trailer
was transported by either a 3/4 or 1 1/4 ton vehicle.   The Class
1000 trailers carried the 0317000 series of serial numbers
Class 1010
The Class 1010 Crash Trailer was equipped with a high pressure piston pump with a capacity of 35
gpm at 700 pounds pressure.  It was mounted on a 1 ton, 2 wheeled trailer which was equipped with a
150 gal water tank.  2, 100 ft high pressure 3/4 in hose lines were supplied, along with a crash kit and
fog and foam nozzles.  The bed of the towing vehicle was used to carry fire extinguishers, tools and men.
Class 1020
The Class 1020 Crash Trailer was equipped with a semi-high pressure
centrifugal pump, with a capacity of 100 gpm at 500 pounds pump pressure
and 2 hose reels with 100 ft of 3/4 hose.  It carried 160 gals of water.
U.S. Army Fire Fighting Equipment Sets
Fire Fighting Set No 1
This set consisted of an assortment of hand fire
extinguishers and tools to be carried on the 1/4 ton (jeep)
vehicles assigned to Army Fire fighting Platoons.  
Equipment consisted of the following:
1.  Chopping axe                                10.  Flashlight batteries
2.  Clawbar                                         11.  Flashlights
3.  Nonfreeze charge unit                   12.  Spotlights
4.  Carbon tetrachloride refill              13.  Spotlight brackets
5.  3/4 in rope                                     14.  Round pointed shovels
6.  4 gallon pump fire extinguisher
7.  First aid kit
8.  Siren bracket
9.  Siren
Fire Fighting Set No 2
This set consisted of a larger assortment of tools and was
to carried on the 3/4 or 1 1/4 ton towing vehicles for the
Fire Fighting Trailers
1. Pickhead Axe                                       10. Round point shovels
2. Clawbar                                               11. 1 in & 3/4 in rope
3. 5 gallon back-pack extinguisher          12. Flashlights
4. 5 gallon nonfreeze charge                   13. Batteries
5. Carbon tetrachloride refill                    14. Spotlights
6. Foam charge                                       15. Spotlight brackets
7. Foam conversion labels                      16. Siren
8. Foam nozzles                                      17. Siren bracket
9. First aid kit                                           18. 4 gallon pump extinguisher
19. Square point shovels
Mobile Decontamination Unit Conversion
The following equipment was issued for converting the M-1
Decon unit into an auxilary crash truck
1. High pressure hose            4. Sling and carrying basket
2. High pressure valves         5. Hip-pack foam nozzle
3. Fog guns                            6. Foam pick-up tube
This is a view of the sling pack and carry basket.
All Photos on this page from Army TM-315  1944
Fire Fighting Trailers
Fire Trucks at War