Members of the 2017th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon standby at two aircraft emergencies,
Honington Airbase, England AAF#375,  July 45.  Truck is a 1944 Reo Cardox Class 150 Crash Truck, USA
Members of the 2021st  Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon stationed at
Ridgewell Airbase, England, AFF#167.  12 Sept 44
Firefighters from the 2097 EAFFP use foamite to extinguish
flames in the wing of a Boeing B-17 at Molesworth Airbase.
20 Oct 1944
Firefighters from the 2097th EAFFP operate on a aircraft fire
using a 1942 Chev-Holabird Class 110 Crash Truck.    
Molesworth Airbase, England.  12 Sept 44
A Class 150 Kenworth-Cardox Crash Truck, USA 508551 puts a knock on the fire for the 2024th
EAFFP at Bassingbourne, England.
Two great views of the Class 150 showing Co2 being expelled from the Bumper and Boom Nozzles.
The crew from the 2096th EAFFP is in
readiness to come to the aid of any
plane in the event of an emergency.
Kimbolton Airfield, England, 12 April 44
A member of the RAF wearing his
firefighting suit is prepared for any
emergency on the field.
Framlington Airfield, England.  21
Sept 43
Class 1010 Firefighting Trailer from the 2035th
EAFFP  Bugay Airbase, England
Firefighters from the 2017 EAFFP pour foam on a downed
aircraft at Honington Airbase, England, 26 Aug 44
Living quarters for the members of the 2100 EAFFP,
Glatton Airbase, England
Class 150 Crash Truck on the flight line at
Podington Airbase.
Fire protection provided by the 2042nd EAFFP.
9 Feb 45
Class 150 Kenworth-Cardox Crash Truck from the
2017th EAFFP on stand-by at Honington Airbase,
England.  Dec 44  
Firefighters from the 2097 EAFFP at Molesworth swarm
over the "Thunder Bird" to extinguish engine fire as it
returns from a mssion to Germany.
15 Feb 45
Class 150 Crash Truck from the 30th Station Complement
Squadron at Framlington Airbase,  15 May 1945
Firefighters working to extinguish fire fast consuming the left
wing of a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.  Only one member of
the planes's crew was slightly injured.  England, 21 March 1945
Almost completely covered by the fire
smothering foam which blankets them like
winter's snow, U.S. Army 8th Air Force
Firefighters work to save a burning Boeing B-17
at an 8th Air Force bomber station in England.
In addition to enemy aircraft and flak, 9th Air Force fighter-bomber pilots have to contend with still
another obstacle to the successful completion of their missions: the weather.  A slippery runway on
this base in Belgium failed to hold a P-38 Lighting returning from an attack and caused the plane to skid
into several trucks, setting them ablaze.  The photo shows firefighters from an unknown fire fighting
platoon directing streams of chemical solution at the burning trucks.
Firefighters from the 2100 EAFFP at Glatton with a Class 150
Crash Truck, 19 Feb 45.  Thanks to Pete for the photo.
Demonstrating the use of an asbestos
suit which pemits a solder to get right
up to a fire is PFC Joseph M. Theis.  
The suit is used to rescue pilots from
crashed, burning airplanes and will
protect a body for about four minutes.
The 2015th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon pictured at Nuthampstead Airbase,
#131, 31 Oct 44 .
Photo courtesy of the 398th Bomb Group Website     
398th Bomb Group Website    
2124th EAFFP at an Airbase in England
Class 135 pictured is a 1944 Chev-Oren USA 580394
Photo sent in by Robert at:     
UK Control Towers
Members of the 2060th Engineer Aviation Fire
Fighting Platoon
Furth Airbase Germany, ALG R-28, April 45
Commanding Office Lt Laddie J. Svarc
Members of the 2108 Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting
Platoon train with their new Class 150 Crash Truck at AAF
149, North Pickenham, England
9 Mar 1945   1944 Reo-Cardox Class 150  USA 508548
Pvt. O.N. Myatt
2158th EAFFP
2158th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon
Wheeler Field, HI  WWII
2158th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon
Wheeler Field, HI WWII
Firefighters and apparatus from the 2158th EAFFP line up for the October
1944 Fire Prevention Week parade in Honolulu, TH
Two platoon members with the Class 100 Crash Truck.
2158th EAFFP members wash the windows at
the Wheeler Field Fire Station
Fire Station, 2157 EAFFP, Mokuleia Airfield, HI
Postwar view
Crash Station, 2157 EAFFP, Mokuleia Airfield, HI
Postwar view
3159th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon
Japan, 1947, 1946 Mack Class 750, USA 5011092.
Army Air Foce Firefighters
2048th & 2150th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon
Pfc  Fermin G. Sanchez
2048th Engr Avn Fire Fighting Platoon
Pvt Sanchez, bottom row, 2nd from left
Harding Field, LA., Fall 1943
PFC Sanchez with Class 1010
Crash Trailer, 2150th EAFFP
Pfc Sanchez, left
Pfc Sanchez, left
2150th EAFFP, Class 135 Crash Truck
USA 5010213, 1944 Chev-Darley
2150th EAFFP
Pfc Sanchez, 2051st EAFFP
Fermin G Sanchez entered the US Army on 5 Apr 43 and in June was assigned to the 2048th EAFFP at Harding Field, LA.  
After basic and firefighting training the 2048th deployed to England, 15 Nov 43.  In April 44, Pvt Sanchez was transferred to the
newly activated 2150th EAFFP at Beaulieu Hants Airbase, England, then to Stoney Cross Airbase, England.  The 2150th
arrived at Omaha Beach on 12 Jul 44 and served in France, Bilgium and Germany during the course of the war.

We would like to offer our "Thank You" to PFC Sanches, now 88, for his service to our country during WWII.  Also want to
thank Fermins's son, Roel for contacting us and sending along information and pictures of his dads service with the Army.
Weapons carrier and Commanding Officers
Jeep from the 2150th EAFFP.
Fire Fighting Platoons
Fire Fighting Platoons Photo Album 2