2052 Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon
1943 Chev-Mack Class 135 crash truck.
On the flightline with the 2052nd at Upottery Airbase, County Devon,
England.  In addition to the Class 135 is a Royal Air Force Fordson Crash Tender.  14 Aug 44
Nissan Hut fire station for the 2052nd.  Rigs include
Dodge weapons carriers, Class 135, and
Class 100 & 1010 fire fighting trailers
2052nd Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon
14 Aug 44
Many of the Engineer Fire Fighting Platoons stationed in England recieved 5 days training with the British
National Fire Service.
The fire school was located at Bulford Camp, Whitshire and these photos show one of the platoons with NFS
The 1989th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon
pictured at Air Force General Depot No 2, Maison Blanche,
Algeria, 26 Oct 43.
Fire equip includes, l to r, International Class 135, QMC
Class 110, Mack Class 125, CCKW water tanker and
Dodge 3/4 ton.
Fire Station and equipment from the 1224th Engineer Fire
Fighting Platoon, Oct 44, Guadalcanal
Fire reporting card placed near telephones in
Note telephone number is the same pictured
on the front of the 1224th fire station.  
Thanks to Jason for the image.
Our friend Zach Mateja is a WWII reenactor and member of the Airmen's Preservation Society.  Zack
recreates the 1996th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon at airshows and other events.  Here is Zach
manning the Headquarters Section of the 1996th at the Genesco Air Show in July of this year.  It is hoped
that sometime in the future the Corps of Engineers will issue the platoon a Class 135 crash truck.  Thanks
Zack for the pixs and a job well done.
1207th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon
Army firefighters training at Camp Pontchartrain
Class 150 Crash Truck from the 2042nd EAFFP at the Podington Control
Tower, 1945
Class 135 Crash Truck from the 2086th EAFFP, Myithyina, Burma
Class 1010 Crash Trailer
Engineer Avaition Fire Fighting Platoon members training at Bradley Field, CT.  8 July 43
Class 135 Crash Truck
Army Air Force Fire Photos
Fire Fighting Platoons