Photo Gallery 2
1944 Chev-Oren 4x4 Class 525  USA 508441  Oren # RW&E 841
Rig owned by Mike Speece
1942 Seagrave Class 750 USA 502024 serving at Fort Carson in the left hand picture and a
2011 view of how she looks today.  Thanks to Don Skalsky for sending along the photos
1944 Chev 4x4-General Fire Truck Corp Class 325.  Rig is owned by the Chatham Twp NJ Fire
Department.  Photos sent in by John Benton
In 1951 the City of Tonganoxie, KS purchased this fire truck and it served the city until 1960.  We contacted Al Disanto  from Tonganoxie
Historical Society and he was able to supply us with the trucks motor number.  Looking in our data base we were able to find that the rig
is a 1936 USA Class BF750, USA W-5071 that served at Fort Leavenworth, KS.  
Our thanks to Al, pictured above at the wheel of the restored truck and the Tonganoxie Historical Society for the  restoration of this
important piece of Tonganoxie and Army Fire Service History.  
1936 USA Holabird Fire Truck Restoration
Photo by Estuardo Garcia Tonganoxie Mirror
Photo by Estuardo Garcia Tonganoxie Mirror
Tonganoxi Mirror
Tonganoxi Mirrow
The members of the Bloomingdale Fire Department, NJ have recently acquired the fire truck they purchased from the US
Government at the end of WWII.  The 1940 USA Class BF750 USA 50380 served at the Elmira Army Forces Service Depot at
Horseheads, NY.   Plans are for restoring the rig.  Our thanks to Mike Wanklin for the info and photo of the data plate.
Additional info on the history of the rig can be seen at this link.

1940 Holabird

Thanks to all involved for their hard work in restoring this proud military vet.
Keith Booker from the UK sent along these photos from his collection.  German POWs provided fire protection at the 514th Engineer
Supply Depot, Liege, Belgium using US Army fire apparatus.  The Army rigs include a Chevrolet Class 325, Class 1000 firefighting trailer
and a Dodge Weapons Carrier.  The photos are dated Nov 45.  Our thanks to Keith for sending along the photos.
In 1939 SFC Henry Jager joined the US Army, served in the Pacific during the war and was assigned to Germany at wars
end.  Assigned to the US Constabulary he became Fire Chief at Fire Station 1 in Heidelberg.  He was reassigned to Fort
Hood, TX in 1948, before he left Germany the German firefighters under his command built and presented to him two
wooden handbuilt models of a Army Class 325 fire truck as a going away present.  Rudolf Jager, SFC Jager's son sent
along the photos of his dad, models and history on them.  We want to thank Rudolf for allowing us here at FTAW to
become caretakers of these two fine models.  They make a great addition to our "Orderly Room" and we promise to care for
them as their rich military history commands.  
SFC Henry Jager, Fire Chief Heidelburg Germany
Fire Station with chief's buggy.
SFC Jager (in helmet) with his German firefighters
Heidelburg Fire Stations 1
Models are based on Class 325 at right as the truck
and the models all carry USA registration # 508663
Handcrafted models built by the German firefighters at Heidelburg Germany
Models and real life 325 carried USA #508663 - 1943 Chevrolet-General Detroit Class 325
The fleet is on the field at the
Wendover Army Airfield, UT  20 April 44
Ford-Darley Class 500 USA 50674
USA Holabird Class BF 750 USA 50308
Lowry Field, CO
John from MN, a avid collector of military vehicles has recently acquired this 1944 Kenworth-Mack Class 155 former Army & Air Force
Crash Truck.  Thanks to John for the pictures and information on his new vehicle and we look forward to seeing the 155 as it
undergoes renovation.  The FTAW staff thanks John for saving this old Army firefighter.
John's Class 155 was formerly on display at the
Octave Chanute Air Museum.
Pictured with the Class 155 is one of the vehicles from
John's "Motor Pool".  A beautifully restored 1945
Ward LaFrance M1A1, 6 ton, 6x6, Heavy Wrecker with
6 ton Garwood Crane.
Coop Photo 2006
A Thank You To All That Have Served and Are Serving
Click above link to view
Firefighters & 1940-41 Ford-Darley Class 500
Fort Belvoir, VA, WWII
Brain Mayers Collection
Class 125 crash trucks at the "Crash House" Truax Field, WI
Carl Swenson from the Olive Fire Department in NY sent along these photos of the USA Class BF 750 pumper currently under
restoration by the Olive FD.  The USA carried USA 5075 and served at the Plattsburg Barracks, NY and the Voorheesville Transportation
Depot, NY
Click on the above link for more information on the USAs' restoration.
Our thanks to Carl for the photos and his help in locating the USA number.
Wisconsin Historial Society Image WHi-13655
Wisconsin Historial Society Image WH- 13694
Truax Field Fire Station No. 1
1942 Class 125 Dodge-John Bean
10 April 1943
Truax Field Fire Station No. 1
10 April 1943
Two Class 500 fire trucks at Headquarters
Fire Station, Traux Field, WI
Ford-American LaFrance Class 500 at Traux Field, WI
On 21 Aug 2011 the Bloomingdale Fire Department gave old 50380 a pump test and she passed with flying colors.
Unknown Army Airfield
Camp Gordon Fire Prevention Week October 1950
Camp Gordon Headquarters Fire Station
Vehicle at left, 1942 Seagrave Class 750
Camp Gordon Fire Station No. 4
1942 American LaFrance Class 750
                   USA 502337